About the Company

It is considered by everyone, Russia is the world leader with its rapidly growing construction-market as well as known Turkish construction and investment companies are the foremost in Russian construction-market… As the technical staff in the Russian construction-market which have been monitored with great care by global invesment & contracting companies, we agreed on some technical and administrative shortage which is harmful for both of global invesment & contracting companies and image of Turkish companies… Our Company “ARTENA CONSTRUCTION and TECHNICAL SUPPORT” was established in 2007 with the technical support perspective. While we have been continuing CONSTRUCTION works with our costruction team, we are serving with our wide TECHNICAL SUPPORT staff working on the Electrical & Mechanical Installation - Engineering subjects… As ARTENA, we won lots of employer’s confidence with our studies on designing and assembling in a very short period of time in Russia… We have adopted that the important thing is to be engaged in production by means of combining all licence and official permits with our technical staff quantity, experience on electrical-mechanical installation… We also adopted to serve the investor, contractor & construction employer with the global technological level keeping the Artena’ s profit at the second importance… For these… We serve to solve our client’s problems with the products, complete peace and comfort;
* high in quality
* new technology
* saving energy
* optimization of investment cost and operating cost
* esthetic and healty Our principles without concession:
* right design and project production
* Correct application
*follow the standarts up
*error detection-feedback and removal action
* quality control for every stage

to reach this goal ,our staff consists of;
* Modern – dedicated – energetic - creative
* information sharing-person.

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Угрешская ул., 2с6,Москва,Россия 115088